Saturday, 23 June 2012

My MUA Experience

Hi Everyone....
        Today as I was rummaging through my cosmetics, I came across my MUA products. I thought I would share with you my experience. Lets get to the good one first:-)


 My Good Experience:
MUA great Lips  LIP BALM

It says...Its the MUA sweetest lip balm collection in gorgeous collectible pots. With a moisturising formula and a hint of colour these balms are a must have.
  What I think....     Well,it says right. With its smooth creamy texture, its a real pleasure to apply it on my lips. It has a very sweet smell which is not unpleasant. With a hint of colour, its a great product for daily use, but you have to carry the pot around with you because it wears off very easily and you have to re-apply it many times during the day.

My Bad Experience:
MUA mosaic bronzer

It says.... Oh my. How beautiful are these? When you swirl your brush around these mosaic bronzers you get an overall multi-toner look that brings out the natural tone in your skin.
Do you see the grainy,bumpy surface of my well used mosaic bronzer?
Another look!

What I think..... I have used it many times as you can see that its an old box (victim of wear and tear in my bag!). At first it was smooth textured and I liked it. But after a few times application, it lost all its silkiness and that's what it turned out to be. I open it and I see these coarse granules everywhere. Before this, I used bronzer from The Bodyshop. I almost finished it and it remained the same as it was on day one! My mosaic bronzer is in Natural Glow. No... it does not give me any natural glow. Its a dull brown powder with no appeal really.
MUA out there plumping lip gloss

It says....Make a statement with this pout perfect plumping lip gloss. It contains maxi lip plumping agents for a natural looking pout with a non sticky formula.

What I think.... Have you ever used Luscious plumping lipglosses. If yes,then you will know the difference. When I applied it for the first time, I had this burning sensation which vanished only after I removed the gloss. Since then I have tried it many times but each time it BURNS my lips. Luscious plumping lipglosses have a minty cool taste. I tried this one on my sister and she too complained of that burning sensation. As for their claim of it being a non sticky gloss,well.... who left it for so long as to know about its sticky or nonsticky nature.

So dear friends... For me MUA turned out to be sort of a disappointment. What about you people? Has anyone else tried the above mentioned products?

I bought all these from just4girls.

Love You All,



  1. Oh wow! That bronzer sure is bumpy. I have yet to try anything from mua. The mosaic bronzer always looked interesting l, but thanks to ur review, I think I'll pass. I'm happy with my hoola:) The lip balm looks yummy though.

  2. Yup,its almost edible:-)) I am waiting for the Big10 I have ordered:-)))

  3. I really like the lip balm too! I was thinking of getting the mosaic blush but i read reviews where it mentioned its not that pigmented.

  4. yes i loved the lip balm too. its tasty and funky. i had the habit of peeling off my lip skin, but i don't do it anymore ;)

  5. The lip gloss looks really nice! :)

  6. Wow the lipbalm looks really pigmented. Damn the bronzer! I hate when this happens. Thanks for your thoughts sweets Ima try the balm for sure :) <3

  7. Hey Farah lovely start dear keep it up, do check mine may be follow each other!

  8. @ Fragancia Yes,it sure is, I think sugar lips is a better option than great lips.
    @ Flavya Thanks alot yaar. these comments make my day. definitely, I'll follow you.

  9. grt job farah....keep it up ;)

  10. nice review keep it up hope u following me:) and MUA bronzer looks scary I havent started using it...will review mine soon:)

    1. Oh, there you are, I had lost your blog somewhere... couldn't find it ( i'm new right;))... Yup following you now!

  11. I tried the lip gloss too and yes it BURNS!I took it off because I couldn't stand the torture! But I tried it many times after the first and somehow now it doesn't burn like it did (unless it has murdered my lip nerves forever :p) the very first time especially when layered over a lipstick!

    1. Exactly Ayesha... why torture our poor lip nerves;)))... this burning i think is supposed to make the lips plumper but it doesn't...