Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Haul From Jinnah Super Market

Hi Friends...
        So,this is my first real post. I have to warn you, I'm very lousy and dim witted (yes... A fact!) when it comes to electronic stuff. Be it my computer or my cell or my camera,i can do only the simplest things imaginable (My bro calls me e-blind),end of story is my snaps may not be of good quality ( I had to dig my camera out of some corner,really...)... Now coming to my post...for someone living in Peshawar,visiting Islamabad always seems like a breath of fresh air. I went to Isloo today to see my doctor and then I made a quick dash to  Jinnah Super Market. There I spotted this new cosmetic store with a few more cosmetic brands than others.... So I shopped:-)))) how couldn't I, they had stuff from Bobbi Brown and Mac! Here are the products I bought....

  My Porefessional is about to finish anyway so I do need this one;-)

.  I still have very vivid memories of my mother using the chinese rice powder and blotting papers. The powder had a sweet faint well... powdery smell... Palladio has them and i bought them. The powder is of course a surprise gift for my Mum. I know she'd be delighted to see it
Hmmm... Luscious lip pencil "Rose Bud".
    Then I headed off to Beech Tree, Anyone else love Beech Tree??? New branch in Jinnah Super. They had a whole stock of new designs. I really couldn't decide, but in the end I did buy two shirts:-)))
   So dear friends, hope u like my haul.... I will try to do a review on Mac Prep and Prime very soon. I bought the cosmetics from Hayee's. Mac Prep and Prime is worth Rs.3200. Palladio rice Powder is for Rs.450, Rice paper worth Rs.320. And the shirts are around Rs.2800 per shirt.
  Any comments from you people are more than welcome:-)


  1. Great haul honey <3 Palladio rice powder looks tempting. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. welcome to the world of blogging <3

  2. Nice haul...Saw your comment on Frangancia and thought to have a look at your blog. Nice start =) Keep posting good content.
    And yeah, do review that rice powder soon. Here is Malaysia, I see it everywhere I go but I had no idea about it.
    Welcome to the blogging world...

  3. Thank you very much Sahrish. It really means alot to me.. (a real booster:-))) Yup,its common in Malaysia, see my Grand Ma was Malaysian, thats why I saw it around me during my childhood.

  4. I second sahrish's comment. Plz do review the rice powder. Have been curious about it. I'm definitely your e blind twin. Can't for the life of me understand gadgets. Yeah I saw the billboards of beech tree all around the city. Will check it out next time I'm in jinnah. Great haul.

  5. I love beechtree,simple practical shirts,and they r not disposable like other brands... well,this rice powder is for my mother,bought it in beige which is not my shade. will buy one for me next time and review it:-)))

  6. Wow great haul. I'm following u now :)

  7. oh youre talking about hayees right? i love their new branch! all the staff there is soo helpful! and they have soo many brands! is the rice powder pressed or loose? would love a review on it soon (:

    1. Yup, their new branch.. and i visited it few days afetr its opening,they gave me discount in everything:-) .... The rice powder, Nayab, is in loose form.