Friday, 22 June 2012

Nivea Visage Young "control shine" mattifying Gel Cream

Hi Everyone....
          All morning I was so excited and wanted to fly back from work and share my experiences with you all. When back, I really couldn't decide which post to do as there are so many things that i really want to share. In the end I settled for something which I use in everyday life. Dear friends, like countless girls, my skin has always been super oily. All my life I have been searching for the right kind of products for my skin and so far,believe me, I have used tons of oil-free stuff. Somewhere in between, I stopped using moisturisers as I hated that clammy sort of feeling it gave to my face. All I would do is spray Rose Water over my whole face. But then I read somewhere that You have to use a moisturiser if you really want to keep all your facial oils at bay. Again my quest started,this dear friends is my recent find and I absolutely love it!


WHAT IT SAYS IS....If you have combination or oily young skin and you want to hydrate your skin and control shine,this is the gel cream for you.


  • The Refreshing Gel Cream with Ocean Minerals hydrates all day and is quickly absorbed.
  • Its Oil-Free formula with Mattifying Pigments instantly eliminates excess shine and long-lastingly mattifies your skin.
  • An UVA/UVB filter system protects from sun's radiation.

  • WHAT I THINK....

            So far,its the best cream I have ever used. I apply it every morning after cleansing and it really gives me a matt and soft skin. It has a very mild fragrance which doesn't really bother me much and yes... it also controls my shiny T-Zone. But I have noticed that my nose area do get oily after a couple of hours and I have to blot it but all in all, its a gel cream that my face has finally accepted and I'm going to stick to it for a while. About the young part mentioned over the tube, I don't know how much young they mean;-))) Maybe you can help:-)

    Love You All...

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