Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hi Everyone...

                 Today, I'm going to share with you one single problem that keeps me busy ALL summer. Yes, my super-duper oily skin and the pains I take to keep it Matte, So, how do I manage it, let's find out:)

Friends...    Everything I buy has to be oil-free, be it a drugstore product or something from the, I guess, I have tried it all... The Good and The bad.
        The end-note of my WHOLE oil-free quest is... when a product says, it keeps facial oils at bay for eight hours, I NO LONGER BUY THIS LINE! because this is not so!!!
        So, now I have developed a routine of myself, i mean, you cannot rely on a single product to keep you all matte for one WHOLE day...

  1. A Good Facial Wash, preferably a foaming facewash.

Use Twice Daily With Warm Water

       2. Any Toner for oily skin

Again Once in Morn and then Before you sleep.

       3. Mattifying Moisturizer

        4. Milk of Magnesia... it's easily available and really helps if you have extremley oily skin.
After Moisturizing, apply a thin layer with cotton ball and let it dry.
              5. Sun Block!

Forget the hand sanitizer, pic from one of my older posts:)

               6. Prime your face... any good oil-free primer can do wonders, smoothes and protects your skin from the harsh chemicals of other products that you are going to follow.

oily skin means large pores, you need a good pore minimizing  primer

Oil-free primer for the rest of your face.

            7. One Good Oil-Free foundation makes a lot of difference, if you need medium coverage, go for any oil-free liquid foundation.


             8. Not a lover of liquid foundations, use any good coverage powder foundation.


            9. Set everything... A number of setting sprays are available but I personally prefer the powder form.


           10. If you think that's the end then you are wrong, you cannot go on for long without these;)) 

Yes, blotting papers, A must for all oilies out there...

     Wow... that's quite a long list,now that I'm writing it down....  I never realized I do so much before going to work, no wonder I'm always late,lol....

     Dear folks, other than these you can also apply clay masks twice weekly or if you like you can go for monthly facials for oily skin.. ( I love the massage part so I do them religiously:)))...

     So, that's what I do, how about you???

Love you all,



  1. I do have oily skin but its not thhhhattt oily so I don't think i need many of these problems but i really do believe that switching to powder foundations in the summers really helps your face stay matte and less oily! Great post! I don't ever use blotting papers but i think ill start using them instead of powdering my face every time it gets oily! Thanks!

  2. I don't have a verryyy oily skin but its an oily-combination skin which turns very oily in humidity. I am using Bare minerals powder fundation these days and I have this feeling that my pores are minimized.
    Nice, detailed post.

  3. Aw, what a lovely post! You’re blog is so sweet! xx

  4. A great guide for this summer. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. lovely post and of great help ;)