Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hi Everyone,
          Like many of you when I started learning makeup, first thing I knew I had to get my hands on was A BRUSH SET. So I went to the local mall and bought one that was available. Then came the Luscious brush sets and after reading many reviews about it being a good set for beginners, I ordered one and here's why I think it's an overrated brush set.

22 pc unkown brand brush set

Luscious 12 pc deluxe diva set
Yes, I agree... it's packing is very sleek and attractive looking as compared to the other one but after using both, I reverted back to my 22 pc set because I just did not find the Luscious set results better. Let me show you a few pics I have taken for comparison.


Some random brushes from my 22 pc set

Very practical and has a very neat finish. Solid wood, Let me tell you all, I have washed them repeatedly and I even soak them overnight in shampoo. They always look as good as new when washed. Plus there are many eyeshadow brushes to choose from. For lid, inner corner, lower eyelid...

Random Luscious brushes

Now ... I haven't used them much but when you hold the brushes, the handle feel loose from the main brush. some of mine have given way and are now in two-piece as you can see. Notice the outer coating of the handles, they cracked when I washed the brushes.


Powder brush of my 22 pc set.

Luscious powder brush

 Although my camera never gives good results, anyone can see the difference in the bristles. 22 pc powder brush is soft and has less fall-out. Luscious powder brush has harsh/hard bristles, you feel them when you apply powder and you will have powder everywhere by the time you finish. I should have compared it with a shoe brush ;)))


One of 22 pc eye shadow brush... 

Luscious shader brush, never picks enough eye shadow.

Blending brushes.... My main reason for buying the whole set. Its bristles are a bit widely spaced...say, fan-like. I end up blending everything into one single color! My savior is Mac 217.

Brush on left side is worth Rs. 100.


  • Smudge brush.
  • Angled lip brush.
  • round shader brush.
Didn't have the stamina to take more pics;)))

So that's what I think about my Luscious deluxe diva 12 pc brush set. Maybe I am the only one who had problems with the set... Anyways my Sigma brush set is on it's way and I'm eagerly waiting.

Hope you liked my post :)

Love you all, 



  1. no you're not the only one! i wasn't too happy with my 7 peice brush set by luscious. i mainly bought it for the blending brush because you cant get a separate one anywhere and even that was rough and itchy:(

    ooh sigma! nice!

  2. Luscious is the only one Pakistani brand that is offering so detailed brushes... I hope they could work for you. As I am not much positive about few brushes

  3. yea..i know its quite overrated! I wanted to buy them once, but did not like the feel of it.. I really like those unbranded synthetic brushes that we get in Pakistan..they do such a great job on face!

  4. you are right. My brushes that I bought 1/4 the price of Luscious ones work better for me.

  5. Wow, and I was just about to get myself this brush set! thanks for sharing, I think I have changed my mind now. Can you tell me where you got the unamed brush set from? :)

    1. Saira, I live in Peshawar. I bought it from Shaheen Chemist.

  6. They look really good! =)

  7. shopkeeper literally begged me to buy this bt i bought all the brushes form different brands like BB,etude house etc.n i m happy now that i didnt buy the luscious set.thanx fr sharing.great review.thanks fr dropping by at my blog.joined ur blog :).